Netflix & CBS Rumored To Be Considering a ‘Jericho’ Comeback

  Can the cult TV series pull off another impossible resurrection?

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

In 2007, the post-apocalyptic drama "Jericho" was cancelled after its first season on CBS, but impassioned fans convinced the network to give it another chance at life with an abbreviated second season in 2008. Four years later, the network may be willing to give "Jericho" one last shot.

According to TV Guide, CBS and Netflix are said to be in early negotiations to bring "Jericho" back to life on the streaming service. However, the report stresses that significant obstacles remain before the series can return, including financial terms favorable to both CBS and Netflix as well as a cast that has long since moved on to other projects.

"Jericho" took place in a small town in Kansas during the aftermath of multiple nuclear attacks that decimated the United States. The show followed the residents of Jericho as they attempted to adapt to their new circumstances and as they opposed the new Allied States of America; whose leaders may have been behind the attacks. Skeet Ulrich starred in the series alongside Lennie James, Ashley Scott, Kenneth Mitchell, Pamela Reed, Michael Gaston, Erik Knudsen and Sprague Grayden.

A third season for "Jericho" was published as a comic book series by Devils Due Publishing and IDW, with a follow up comic book series coming this summer.

Netflix has recently entertained talks to revive "Terra Nova" and "The River," in addition to signing a deal to produce 10 new episodes of "Arrested Development" in 2013. Bringing "Jericho" back may prove to be difficult, but it can be done if Netflix is willing to spend the money to make it happen.

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