The Unfinished Swan Preview

The long-awaited fantasy game is finally coming to the PSN.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Almost four years ago a video was released to the public featuring the prototype of a new PSN title called The Unfinished Swan. And ever since then, fans have been waiting for some news, any news on the atmospheric painting game.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the premise of The Unfinished Swan, players take on the role of Monroe, a young orphan boy whose only reminder of his mother is an unfinished painting of a swan. As Monroe examines the now-blank canvas, he is transported to a world as bare as the canvas that once contained his mother’s painting…. or is it?

With a look similar to a first-person shooter, players must maneuver through the seemingly blank world by throwing blobs of paint. As the paint splatters against the floor, walls and ceiling, players are guided from a square room, down hallways and corridors, and, finally, into a wide-open dream world. Throwing paint blobs at the environment uncovers animals, swamplands and pathways, as you hear birds and other elements of the surrounding world in the background, just out of sight. 

With the same feel as Alice chasing the white rabbit, players continue the search for the elusive swan. Following the yellow footprints left behind, players discover a castle containing golden storybook pages, which tell the tale of the king who built this fantastic kingdom.

This game, though starting off as a blank canvas, is visually stunning. Development of the environments is completely determined by the player. Though some may take a minimalist approach to find their way around, others might be tempted to cover the entire world in paint, leaving no space unsearched. Most of the intrigue in this game comes from searching the unknown, and at some points, stopping to take a look back at the world that you have uncovered.

Though a specific release date has yet to be announced, the developers from Giant Sparrow did say the game would be available some time this year. I, for one, will be dreaming of this game until it does.