7 Musical Superhero Parodies

Batman, Avengers and X-Men have all sung their hearts out.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Superheroes should be busy saving the day, not saving their voices for the big musical finale. Comedians over the years have frequently placed dark and moody superheroes into the lighter musical genre with hilarious results. From the comics to the big screen to the tiny YouTube video box, here are 7 musical superhero parodies:


Holy Musical, Batman!

He’s got rhythm, he’s got music (in his Utility Belt).


Hulk the Musical

This is the same Hulk that’s in The Avengers movie.


Wolverine the Musical

His bones are infused with Adamusicalantium.


Superman the Musical

At least… I think it’s a parody?


X-Men the Musical

Something has changed within Magneto. He became super lame!


Aquaman the Musical

I expected his chorus to be singing dolphins or something.


SpiderMonster the Musical

I like this Bono more than the real Bono.


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