Jeremy Lin Receives Unique Gift

With a potential return just one game away, Lin receives an interesting gift.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It was recently reported that Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks finished second in total jersey sales over the past year. After selling so many jerseys, the media sensation got one back on Wednesday from General Mills Fruit Snacks. Only this jersey came with a small twist.

It was edible.

That's right, Lin received a framed life-sized jersey made entirely up of General Mills popular Fruit Roll-Up's. He took to his twitter account on Wednesday to share a photo of this tasty treat and to thank General Mills for the gift.

“Thanks fruit snacks for the best gift ever: a life-size jersey made of fruit roll up. I would eat it if it wasnt framed," he tweeted from his @Jlin7 account.

The gift was one small positive moment for Lin, who has been helplessly watching as his New York Knicks team is falling apart in their playoff battle against the Miami Heat. Down 0-2 and looking at a game 3 without star Amare Stoudemire, due to his self-inflicted injury, the Knicks are in dire straights and look to be on the verge of yet another early playoff exit.

The good news for Lin, and for Knicks fans, is that all signs are pointing to the return of Lin to the court in game 4. Though New York desperately needs anything Lin can contribute, it's hard to say exactly how effective he can be after missing so much time to injury.

With Lin sidelined the past few weeks and with the start of the playoffs, the sensation of 'Linsanity' has died down a bit. But a potential return could very well rev it back up again, especially if he could somehow inspire his team to at least take a game or two.

Again, it's hard to say what impact he will have when and if he returns, but one thing is definitely for certain: we will hear about his every move when he does hit the court again, as every media eye will be glued on the young point guard.

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