Funny Pages – Avengers Smorgazborg

Prepare to get your ‘Hulk sex’ on.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

The Avengers had the biggest opening of all moviedom,and now you can check out these epic videos that will open your laugh bone factory.


Break  – Toddler Scared By Giant Robot Dinosaur (link)

Run Forest run! See now this is why you have kids… so you can scare the living shit out of them until they figure it out as a teenager and come back for revenge on you.

So get it while you can!


Comedy Central – Siri (link)

Magic Hugs returns in one of the first new videos I’ve seen since Comedy Central took over Atom films. Siri is there to assist you through all life's events. Except when you hit rock bottom. You're on your own there.


College Humor – Sex With the Hulk (link)

“Hulk out has a new meaning”… so does “Hulk Junk”, oh wait that never had a different meaning.


Dorkly – Videogame Realtor (link)

Sweet does this place come in 8-bit?

Stupid Mario, always messing things up for good honest, would be super villains.


Funny Or Die – 1-900-HOT-GIRLS (link)

These girls are all hot and sweaty just for you, also possibly one is suffering from dehydration or heat stroke.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get hot and pass out.

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Here’s some bonus: