Youtube Stars of the Week #1

Profiling Youtube Stars for the Week of May 7th

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Charlie Bit My Finger, Rebecca Black, Chris Crocker, and others are Youtube icons, recognized for sheer view power. These Youtube celebrities, past and present, are a notch below but just as entertaining, parlaying one hit wonders and many videos into superstardom.

Here are the Youtube celebrities of the week for May 7th.

Make Up Transformations by dope2111

Youtube mogul "dope2111" creates videos with some of the most ridiculously real makeup transformations known to man. Watch her tutorials on applying makeup to look like stars Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansen, Drake, Johnny Depp, and Kim Kardashian. With more than 600,000 subscribers and 100,000,000 video views, dope2111 is already one of the most revered makeup artists around. Someone get this girl a Hollywood gig!

Eli Porter of Iron Mic Fame

Eli Porter is a Youtube legend. Coming out of Chamblee High School in Chamblee, Georgia, this high school sophomore launches an improbable come back from behind freestyle battle victory of epic proportions. Initially stalling and disputed by judges for profane languages, Eli makes the cosmics hit alignment with a breathtaking comeback. His performance was so unexpected, he was the subject of an online documentary several years later called  People's Champion: Behind the Battle. Unquestionably one of the most greatest viral videos of our time.

Watch People's Champion: Behind the Battle

SkittLeZ Music TV

The Puerto Rican themed SkittLeZ Music TV is the brainchild of
Juan Carlos Ortiz, the creator of the Shit Spanish Girls Says videos which shot to millions of views in a matter of days. Watch his channel to view his video contest entries, covers, and dance routines. with just under 10,000 subscriber and 8,000,000, he is rapidly rising in there ranks as one of Youtube's funniest characters. View his Facebook profile at