Ignore Hitler In These 10 Draw Something Pictures

Try not to focus on the Fuehrer.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Adolph Hitler is considered by many to be one of the most evil people of all-time. So if you’re playing the game Draw Something on your iPad and you see an unexpected Fuehrer drawn into a picture, it’s likely to provoke a reaction. That’s why one artist playing the game Draw Something is kindly asking you to ignore Hitler. Can you do it?



Ayyy! I’m-a  gonna ignore-a the Hitler!



Ignoring in a Hitler Wonderland…



Here’s why it’s dangerous to ignore that guy.



The password is NAZIGNORE1



Focus on the game, focus on the game…



Now for that classic ghost story, “The Tale of The Hitler Who Was Ignored.”



Ignoring Hitler is this artist’s bread and butter.



Where’s all that puke coming from? (I’m great at ignoring Hitler!)



I’m a Belieber when it comes to ignoring Hitler.



I know I’m supposed to ignore Hitler, but what about Birdtler?


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