NFL Stars To Appear On Fox Dating Show

These three NFL studs are looking for love, maybe in all the wrong places.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

When wealth, fame, an athletic body and a winning personality fail you in the dating circle, what is a person to do?

Apparently head over to FOX and sign up for a spot on the network's new reality dating show, The Choice.

This 'Choice' is exactly what two high profile NFL stars, and one former star, are making in the offseason.

Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions, New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, and former player and now TV analyst Warren Sapp, have all agreed to be a part of the dating reality show, which is set to premiere on June 7.

In the reality show, everyday people are given a chance to win a date with a famous participant looking for the same. The contestants are paired down over three rounds until each celebrity — there are four each episode — blindly choose a date for the evening.

The show, scheduled for six episodes, will feature male celebrities in five of the episodes while the ladies will rule out on one.

“What started out as a goof ended up being a ridiculously good format,” says Fox’s Darnell, who was on hand during The Choice‘s recent taping. “It really feels like a hit. It was charming and funny… [The show] works beautifully. It’s going to sell all over the world.”

For Ndamukong Suh, this appearance is just another mark on the young stars growing marketability. Despite the ugly stomping incident on Thanksgiving day last year, or maybe because of it, Suh has been increasingly visible outside of the football field. He took part in the Gumball 3000 road race across Europe last year, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this year and has a number of national endorsement deals.

Warren Sapp, on the other hand, is just hoping to remain visible after a spring that hasn't been the best for the former star. After filing for bankruptcy in April and nearly losing his job as a NFL analyst on the NFL Network because of some ill thought-out tweets, Sapp is determined to get some good exposure. This dating show just might be what the doctor has ordered; that is if he doesn't make the contestant pay for his date.

Lastly, that leaves Rob Gronkowski, who is probably doing this just for the fun of it. 'Gronk' is a party animal who seems to love making the rounds, so if you throw him a check to do what he appears to love more than anything — going out — then you can count on his participation.

True love is most likely not going to come out of this show for these three — or any of the celebrities and contestants — but if they can get through an evening without any illegal contact or unsportsmanlike penalties, then I'd call it a success.

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