7 Hilariously Uncomfortable Jokes (video)

"And while I was babysitting, I got this boner and.... hey? Where is everyone going?"

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Not all of us are cut out for comedy. Especially us here at CRAVE. But we LOVE it when someone drops a huge uncomfortable bomb in the middle in an interview, on-stage, etc., etc.. There is really no funnier moment than when a plane crashes into a mountain… (too soon?) 

We here at CRAVE have found some of the most uncomfortable joke bombs we could on the internet. So sit back, strap in, and take a look:


Sofia Vergara Rape Joke: 

Just smile and nod, just smile and nod, just smile and nod, just smile and nod.


Glenn Beck Wants to Take Naked Pictures of You:

Everyone knows every goes to Bill O'Reilly for naked pics.


Comic Jim Norton Bombs on Purpose and it's Fantastic!

Another great joke from everyone's favorite chin-less comic.


Little Kid's Michael Jackson Joke… Awkward…