David Giuntoli on ‘Grimm’

The star of NBC's hit fantasy inspired series teases the first season finale.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

NBC’s fairy tale cop drama “Grimm” is wrapping up its first season next week, and it has already been renewed for a second season. You’ll just have to wait all summer to find out what happens after the cliffhanger. We recently spoke with David Giuntoli, Nick Burkhardt himself, the show’s Grimm detective, about the season finale and playing cops and monsters.


CraveOnline: What’s your favorite thing you’ve learned about Grimm this season?

David Giuntoli: I’ll tell you, it’s been very fun for the character of Nick to get to grow more aggressive and assertive and actively go after the bad guy, learn about the world and try to politic his way through that.

CraveOnline: How does it feel to be so close to the end of season one?

David Giuntoli: It’s a big relief, a surge of energy. The last six or seven you’re just trying to get all your energy and put everything you can into these episodes. This last episode, it’s a big one. There’s a lot of cliffhangers and we’re very excited for a season two that’s going to be very different than the season one in a lot of ways.

CraveOnline: How many questions does the cliffhanger leave you with?

David Giuntoli: It leaves me with more than I came into the finale with. We’ll be introduced to some new characters. We have Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio who’s playing this woman called The Woman in Black and we kind of see what she is. It’s going to be a great season two.

CraveOnline: How long do you have to wait to get the season two scripts?

David Giuntoli: For a while. I won’t be seeing that for a while. The writers know what’s going on. They have everything mapped up. They have the world, they know what’s going to happen. I don't know much. But the first episode of season two is almost like a two parter with the finale so I’m excited about that.

CraveOnline: Would you like to do a big creature makeup like your costars on the show?

David Giuntoli: You know what, I would love to not sit in a makeup chair for five hours. So that answers that. But doing mask work as an actor, embodying that thing, I’ve had friends guest star on the show and Silas has had the opportunity to do that and you really get to embody this creature in a way that you wouldn’t if you were just looking like a normal guy on the street. I can only imagine it’s kind of magical to have this on you.

CraveOnline: What if there was a standalone episode where something happened, and you could come back to normal, but for just one week you’re in makeup?

David Giuntoli: Hey, why not? That’s what I say. Dress me up.

CraveOnline: Since you started out playing a detective, did you do ridealongs like the guys on cop shows do?

David Giuntoli: Yeah, I did, I did. We have a guy who works with us named Sgt. Pete Simpson at the Portland Police Department. I’ve been able to hang out with them and do ridealongs. They’re trying to get me to go shoot guns with them on the gun range. I just haven’t been able to yet. But yeah, we have them on set quite often too just for technical advisory type things.

CraveOnline: And you have a movie coming out with Bitsie?

David Giuntoli: I do, yeah. Believe it or not we premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. I’ll be there and Bitsie and I actually play love interests in that, and that cast months and months before “Grimm” ever cast so it was just wild.