Podcast Review: Cashing in with TJ MILLER!

Get the skinny on a rising star’s newest podcast: Cashing in with TJ MILLER!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

We love this podcast. Honestly. “Cashing in with TJ Miller” is one of the best podcasts to come on the scene in recent weeks. Most of the time if you hear someone say, “Me and my buddy have this podcast and we’re really funny” – ninety-nine times out of a hundred it’s probably going to suck. This is the one that doesn't. “Who the hell is TJ Miller?” you might be asking yourself? Um… He was the cameraman in Cloverfield and a great stand-up“Who the hell is Cash Levy?” He’s a really funny comic, so shut up and stop asking so many questions and have yourself a little listen for yourself here.

TJ Miller’s voice and improv skills are as sharp-as-tack and Cash Levy has a voice that deserves every bit of credit that is going to come his way. If you like silly, ridiculous, and absurd, this is the podcast that you should be checking out. They’re hosted by the good people at The Nerdist, so if you’ve trusted in the great product they’ve put out in the past, this one is no different.

How much? These are podcasts! They’re free!

Click on the link above or subscribe for free on iTunes here.


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