Taylor Lautner Will Do Parkour in ‘Tracers’

You've seen him run shirtless in the woods, now see him run shirtless in New York.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Following the recent Hollywood trend of action-packed New York bike messenger movies (yes, it's a real thing), Twilight star Taylor Lautner has gone and attached himself to star in Tracers, in which the shirtless wonder will actually try to do parkour, the French art of freerunning. The announcement from FilmNation comes half a year after Lautner's first foray into non-Twilight stardom, Abduction, tanked at the box office and failed to turn the curiously hairless werewolf into a breakout star.

Directed by Daniel Benmayor (Paintball), Tracers will star Lautner as a New York City bike messenger who "in debt to an organized crime gang.  When he crashes his bike into a sexy stranger, Nikki, Cam is immediately seduced by her and the thrill of the world of parkour." It's tempting to joke about Hollywood missing the parkour zeitgeist of the mid-2000's by almost a decade, but we choose to be optimistic and assume they're going after the recent bike messenger zeitgeist that will no doubt be started by David Koepp's Premium Rush.

As for Lautner, we wish him the best, but if anyone really wants to turn him into a breakout star, the only thing to do is put him in a movie with Matthew McConaughey, the other guy who seems allergic to cloth on his upper portions.

CraveOnline will be back with more Tracers news after Jason Lee gets all huffy about the title.