Colin Ferguson & Neil Grayston on ‘Eureka’

The stars of Syfy's original series tell us about the final season and Ferguson's directorial debut.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

With Syfy’s series "Eureka" in its fifth and final season, parent company NBC Universal brought Colin Ferguson and Neil Grayston to meet the press one last time.

We got a chance to ask them both several questions about the last batch of new episodes, and reflections on the series. Out of curiosity we even went for some questions about Ferguson’s directorial debut on one of SyFy's original movies.


CraveOnline: Are there fewer standalone episodes in this season since it’s ramping up to the finale?

Colin Ferguson: I don't know what the percentage is typically, but I know we have at least three or four that are pure standalone. The way that it’s written, you should know about the astraeus, is the piece of information that you should know. And if you’ve seen the premiere about the matrix, once you know that you’re sort of caught up to date. You can sort of infer and get everything pretty quickly. They do a great job of making it serialized, but with a standalone element that’s really satisfying in and of itself.

CraveOnline: Did you keep anything from the set?

Colin Ferguson: Yeah, I kept my nameplate and a sheriff uniform.

Neil Grayston: What did I get?

Colin Ferguson: You got your posters for sure.

Neil Grayston: No, I didn’t. I didn’t get the posters.

CraveOnline: What were your favorite episodes?

Colin Ferguson: I liked of the two that Alexandra directed which were "Smarter Car," the one that airs this year, Jaime’s probably that airs this year, "The Jack of All Trades." And I also like "Up in the Air" where the bank gets stolen. Those are probably my favorites.

Neil Grayston: I think "Liftoff" was probably one of my favorite, the one with me and Niall.

Colin Ferguson: The first three this season have got to be some of yours though. That’s some of the greatest stuff you’ve had to do.

Neil Grayston: Oh yeah, I can’t wait to see them all. That’s my thing because I’m waiting to see these newer episodes as they air just because it’s fun to see it and experience it with everyone else. So I think there’s going to be a lot of stuff this year that I’m going to like a lot, but I’m waiting. I’m a no spoiler kind of guy.

CraveOnline: What is it like to be at this time of year and not waiting for new scripts to read?

Colin Ferguson: It’s funny. I love change. I think everybody does. We’re usually shooting at this time of year. Part of me is really happy to be not exhausted. It’s like, "Oh, it’s springtime and I can go outside!"

Neil Grayston: Look! The sun! I can be in it! Neat.

Colin Ferguson: That’s really, really great. It’s also sort of a victory lap, right? It’s airing and we know the episodes are going to be as well received as we’ve been because they’re the best stuff we’ve done so I really love that. It’s sort of a win-win for us but of course also wistful because the chapter’s closing, but it’s been a good run.

CraveOnline: Do stars of Syfy shows get first crack at any Syfy original movie they want to direct?

Colin Ferguson: No, I wish it was planned out and organized. The way that it turned out is they wanted me to act in one and we did this thing where I got to direct the one right afterwards, so luckily it worked out with something that I was really familiar with. There was a guy in a sheriff’s uniform in a jeep being chased by monsters. So it was a little lucky.

CraveOnline: Could it not have been directing and starring in the same one?

Colin Ferguson: It could have been, but I wanted to separate them for my career and for the experience. I wanted to be in one and do that completely and then because it was Bulgaria and I didn’t know the crew and I didn’t know how facile it was going to be to get things done, I wanted to make sure that I had all of my attention on the job I was being paid to do.

Crave Online: Are you directing again?

Colin Ferguson: Yeah, they’ve come to me again. I’m going to direct definitely one of those. The last one they approached me with was a night movie in winter in Bulgaria and I was like, "Well…"

Neil Grayston: Oh, was that the vampires in the nightclub?

Colin Ferguson: Yeah, it was like, "Maybe a summer movie in the Bahamas we could try for." But I will definitely be doing another one.