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Here's some advice for when you decide to make your St. Lucia escape!

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Anyone who's been to idyllic Saint Lucia knows that it's nothing short of extraordinary. Long stretches of pristine beaches nestled along the Caribbean Sea, better than ideal weather conditions, a bustling nightlife, tons of activities for during the day… if you're looking for the perfect sun-drenched vacay, Saint Lucia is the place to be.

The Ladera Resort, a legendary St. Lucia hotel that is celebrating its 20th anniversary, will unveil five new connecting luxury one-bedroom Hilltop Dream suites on Paradise Ridge in October 2012. "Each new Hilltop Dream Suite will feature the famously breathtaking vistas from the open living room and will include private infinity pools," said Olivier Bottois, Ladera's Vice President of Marketing & Operations. "The open-air bedrooms are designed and appointed with furnishings and fixtures consistent with Ladera's sustainable practices."

Over two decades ago, Ladera pioneered the concept of the open-air, three-walled guest suite that remains the signature design of Ladera and which has become a ubiquitous island style, now de rigueur at resorts throughout Saint Lucia. The missing fourth wall allows the most spectacular views of the Sea, unobstructed sunsets, and the volcanic Piton Mountains, which are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thanks to the clever design, they also remain sheltered, safe, and completely secluded, with private plunge pools and surrounded by lush tropical landscaping. The new Hilltop Dream Suites will feature locally-woven textiles and custom hardwood furniture crafted on site at Ladera, such as elegant Colonial four-poster king beds. The en-suite bath areas will be equipped with water-efficient Kohler fixtures.

Other noteworthy developments in Ladera's 20th anniversary year include a new fitness room, outfitted with state-of-the-art workout equipment, and a yoga studio. The Ti Kai Posé Spa, which now incorporates more natural, organic treatments, will offer new outdoor Couples Massages on Paradise Ridge, a completely private retreat area of the resort which overlooks the Caribbean Sea and Pitons.   

For Ladera reservations and information, please visit, or call the hotel directly at 866-290-0978.

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