Will Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. Reteam for El Presidente?

The Tropic Thunder stars might reunite, but is the film a remake of a Nicolas Cage or a Sinbad movie?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Tropic Thunder, while basically just another remake of Three Amigos, has come to be recognized as something of a modern comedy classic, earning Robert Downey Jr. an Oscar for playing a character in blackface and Tom Cruise a remarkable boost in good will after a lengthy run as Hollywood's favorite pariah. Now, those two standout performers could be ready to team up – on screen this time – for a new political comedy courtesy of Meet the Parents director Jay Roach, and "Community" writer Dan Goor, called El Presidente.

Vulture reports that Warner Bros. has ordered another pass on Goor's screenplay, which is about a Secret Service agent with boundary issues (Tom Cruise) who is demoted to guarding America's worst, and sleaziest, former president (Robert Downey Jr.). The action picks up when there's a legitimate threat on the ex-president's life. If that sounds familiar to you, then you probably remember the 1994 comedy Guarding Tess, which found Secret Service agent Nicolas Cage demoted to protecting an annoying former First Lady played by Shirley MacLaine, who had a real assassination plot against her. Or maybe you're thinking of 1996's First Kid, which found Secret Service agent Sinbad (sigh) demoted to guarding the President's annoying son, who turned out to have a real plot against him too.

El Presidente would be the latest in a surprisingly long line of politically-oriented films from Jay Roach, who rose to prominence with the Austin Powers movies but has since directed the HBO dramas Recount, about the disastrous 2000 presidential election, and Game Change, about the disastrous (for the Republicans) 2008 presidential election. His latest film, The Campaign, is about a disastrous congressional election between rivals Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis.

While none of the principles have officially signed on yet, Warner Bros. is reportedly very big on the project, having made a ton of money off Robert Downey Jr. with the Sherlock Holmes movies and anticipating big things from Tom Cruise's Rock of Ages.

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