Marc and Shanon Parker on ‘Dream Machines’

The minds behind Syfy's engaging reality series talk about their show and possibly creating flying cars ahead of tonight's Battleship themed season finale.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Parker Brothers Concepts builds custom vehicles in their Melbourne, FL shop. For their Syfy reality series “Dream Machines,” Marc and Shanon Parker are not only creating rides that could exist in science fiction thy are also building vehicles used in the actual movies themseleves.

They also recreated the Shredder from the upcoming Battleship movie; which will be featured in tonight's first season finale of "Dream Machines." Earlier this year,  we got to meet the Parker brothers to talk about flying cars and real car tech.


CraveOnline: Is there any kind of science fiction technology that’s actually becoming real for vehicles?

Marc Parker: I like to push the envelope of the technology. Shanon likes to design it. I would say we mess a lot with electric powered vehicles. Half the vehicles this season we did are electric powered. I love the hydrogen powered stuff. There’s a lot of new technologies and that’s one of the things that we put out there for anybody that’s got any kind of really unique new technology, please bring it to us.

We’d love to promote it on the show and make it part of the show because we don’t just want to build the same crap every week. We want to bring new ideas and new technologies out there that haven’t been seen before and figure out a way of putting them in something that’s actually cool to drive.

CraveOnline: How far away do you think we actually are from flying cars or hover cars?

Marc Parker: Season two or season three.

Shanon Parker: We are working on it.

Marc Parker: We’ve got some plans already drawn up.

Shanon Parker: Seriously, we are definitely working on that, and air powered vehicles as well are something that we’re working on as well. So there are things out there that could be pushed to the forefront and maybe the show is what it’s going to take to let people see that it’s actually doable.

CraveOnline: Wow, Back to the Future Part II was 2015 so you might make it.

Shanon Parker: Absolutely, I hope we do it.

CraveOnline: What celebrities did you work with during the first season of "Dream Machines"?

Marc Parker: 50 Cent, John Cena, Peter Berg.

Shanon Parker: We did a build for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Marc Parker: That’s another thing we really try to do as much as possible, tie in charities with any of these builds.

CraveOnline: Have you been surprised which celebrities are car enthusiasts, and which car enthusiasts think outside the box like this?

Marc Parker: A little bit. I didn’t really expect that 50 Cent was going to be as big into the science fiction thing. I mean, he loved Shanon’s office. All the walls are completely covered in comic books and he walked in, he was like a kid in a candy store. I never really would have expected that from him. And then we actually went out to Bondurant racetrack and did some racing with 50 and the boy can drive.

Shanon Parker: And very competitive too. Not what you would expect. You would think he’s just going to be shy and timid about it and just be driving. No, he was passing everybody every chance he got. He was very competitive I would say. He threw us off a little bit.

Marc Parker: John Cena not so much, I mean we never got the chance to go out and actually drive with him, but he is unbelievably knowledgeable about cars. He’s a big car collector. So he really knows his stuff when it comes to cars. But I think the people that come to us, 90% of them really do know their stuff because they see what we’re bringing and that interests them. The people that don’t know cars kind of look at the stuff we do and go, “Oh, that looks cool,” but they don’t get it.

CraveOnline: What movies are you working on?

Marc Parker: We’re doing the one thing for Battleship and right now that’s the only one that I know of that’s a guarantee. That’s basically network from this point. They’re talking to different movies and different TV shows right now on our behalf and hopefully they’re going to bring us some cool stuff.

CraveOnline: Did doing the show take you out of your regular work for a while?

Shanon Parker: For a little bit yeah, it did actually take us out of what we were working on, but it opened up new opportunities for us so I’m happy to say it was a smart move on our part to do that because now we have a lot more exposure for our company so we’re going to have the opportunities to do the things that we actually want to do in Hollywood.

CraveOnline: Do you have a consumer shop that people can go to?

Marc Parker: We do have a shop. It’s a shop though. It’s not necessarily customer friendly so much. But we do have a shop there and we do let people come in and look at what we’re doing. If they’re there, we’re not going to turn them away. If they like what we’re doing, we’re going to show them around if we can.

CraveOnline: How much do your custom projects run?

Shanon Parker: It depends.

Marc Parker: It really varies.

Shanon Parker: Everything’s different. Somewhere between, say, $40,000 the cheapest to over $100,000 just depending on what it is, what the customer is looking for.

Marc Parker: Because if we were building the same thing every time we could really have a price point but when you’re building a motorcycle today and an alien vehicle the next day, it’s hard to put a price point but it varies.