10 Commencement Speeches Given By Comedians

Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler and more joking around with college grads.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

College graduation is like going to a comedy club, in that everyone in attendance is drunk. (However, at graduation ceremonies, the outfits are funnier and members of the crowd are eventually encouraged to get up on stage.) You might even get an actual comedian to speak at your graduation, which as you can see from the videos below, is an awesome idea. Here are 10 commencement speeches given by comedians:


Conan O'Brien at Dartmouth College (2011)

Vomiting Kermit was also given an honorary doctorate.


Will Ferrell at Harvard (2003)

Worst introduction to best opening ever.


Stephen Colbert at Northwestern University (2011)

The parents very nervously laugh at that first joke.


Amy Poehler at Harvard (2011)

Leslie Knope said “yes” to Harvard.


Jon Stewart at William & Mary (2004)

Those could be his regular clothes. He seems comfortable enough.


Bill Cosby at UConn (1996)

I’m guessing Theo went to UConn.


Seth MacFarlane at Harvard (2006)

This is just like the time Seth MacFarlane gave a commencement speech. Oh wait, this is that time.


Eugene Mirman at Lexington High School (2009)

Agreed: going to the bathroom freely is the best part of being an adult.


Ellen Degeneres at Tulane (2009)

Less talk, more dancing with Obama!


Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G at Harvard (2004)

Damn it, why does Harvard get all these great comedians? Stupid geniuses.


Bonus: Gilda Radner as Roseanne Roseannadanna at Columbia University School of Journalism (Sketch – 1979)

I love how grossed out the graduates pretend to be.


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