The Big List: Kim Kardashian Pranked! World’s Best Beer?

Kim gets a hilariously honest new IMDB bio. Plus: A beer is named “best in the world.”

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to become a super-rich filmmaker, decide to build a film studio in a very wealthy area, have the rich neighbors nix the idea, decide to build a bunch of low income housing in the area instead partially to piss them off and… okay, only to piss them off and check out these links!


Kim Kardashian’s Honest New IMDB Bio

The bio neglects her giant butt, but is otherwise astute.


George Lucas To Build Low Income Housing Instead of Studio

A fun and socially responsible way to troll your rich neighbors. [image via]


Pliny the Younger Has Been Called The World’s Best Beer. Is It?

I dunno. You’ve gotta give props to Natty Ice! [image via]


Professor Teaches Class On Fooling The Internet

Tricking Wikipedia – Easy. Reddit – Not so much.


Was Tim Burton Ever A Good Director?

Is Burton the genius behind Ed Wood or a financially successful Ed Wood?


That’s all for this edition of The Big List… unless this post was somehow a trick?


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