Boy Facing Suspension Over Spurs Haircut

This young San Antonio fan is getting punished for showing support for his team.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Woodlake Hills Middle School student Patrick Gonzalez has been a Spurs fan his entire life. His favorite player on the team is forward Matt Bonner, a player that shares with him the fiery red hair. With the Spurs in the second round of the playoffs and looking dominant, Gonzalez decided he wanted to support his team in a unique fashion; by having an image of Bonner shaved in the back of his head.

However, his team pride didn't sit well with his school as they took exception to the attention it was receiving and is now forcing the boy to either shave it away or face in-school suspension until he does.

"My 1st period teacher called the principal. She told her it was a distraction," said Gonzalez.

This backlash came as a surprise to Patrick as well as his mother, Rose Gonzalez, who made sure to get the schools permission before allowing her son to get the haircut.

"I didn't want any kind of problems with any of the principals. I know there are rules and regulations anywhere else you go," she said.

The school is claiming that while they acknowledge that Gonzalez did come in and make vague references to the haircut, she never outright received permission for the child to get it.

"There was no permission that was given. If the parent thought that, then it was a miscommunication," said Aubrey Chancellor, Judson I.S.D.

District officials backed the schools decision that the haircut is a distraction. "Whether it's the Spurs or whether it's the Cowboys, anything people obviously support, it doesn't matter."

Unfortunately, the Gonzalez's are faced with no options but to remove the 'distracting' image from the back of the boys head. It's a move that is being forced upon them and though they will comply, they are not happy about it.

"I'm mad, I thought we had permission." Patrick said.

In the end, Rose Gonzalez offers the best advice of all to any parent facing a similar situation: "Get a written letter or something from the school, no matter what."

Oh, and one other thing, the school is located in San Antonio, Texas, which makes this whole story even more ludicrous.

UPDATE: Patrick Gonzalez did face one day of suspension before finally shaving his head, but was rewarded with tickets from Matt Bonner to Thursday nights Spurs-Clippers game when Bonner heard of his story.

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