This Weekend in Gaming: 5.18.2012

Worlds must be crafted this weekend!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


The name of the article may have changed, but it’s still the same at heart! Welcome to “This Weekend in Gaming,” where we detail our… wait for it… weekend gaming plans. You would think after five whole days of eating, sleeping and breathing video games here at Crave we would be sick of them and need a break. Not so fast! In actuality, we treat the weekend as a holy grail of potential gaming time. Time where we can sit back sans pants, forget about bills and family and just indulge our borderline unhealthy obsession with video games. 

And that’s precisely what we plan to do. Furthermore, we intend to share our plans with you, dear readers. So enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at what the Crave gaming staff has in store for this weekend (and every weekend henceforth until the end of time!), gaming wise.  

If you feel like sharing what your weekend gaming plans are, sound off in the comments below.

Lastly, we’re adding a new section at the base of this article that will act as a great “Catch Me Up” for those who don’t have the time/energy to follow gaming news on a daily basis. So if you want to know what’s hot in the industry right now, scroll down to the bottom of this article and get educated.

erikErik Norris (@Regular_Erik): Having just finished Max Payne 3 (plug: read my review!), I think this weekend has some Starhawk in the cards for me. I barely scratched the surface of the title thus far, but I plan to have a full review at some point. I can say the single player campaign is a letdown; there’s practically no story whatsoever. Oh well, multiplayer will have to pick up the slack then, I guess.

On the PS Vita front, I’m trucking through Resistance: Burning Skies. Unfortunately, I can’t talk much about the game until the review embargo lifts later this month. But I will say this: it proves a first-person shooter is possible on Sony’s latest handheld.

Outside Starhawk and Resistance: Burning Skies, though, my weekend will consist of things outside the realm of gaming; a lot of relaxing, drinking and catching up on missed television. Hoo-rah!

paulPaul Tamburro (@PaulTamburro): That's it. It's finally happened. I have finally succumbed to Minecraft addiction.

After what began as me blithely stacking cobblestone cubes has slowly escalated into me creating a huge, towering stone monstrosity that pierced the clouds, which then led to me creating an expansive city in the sky complete with its own rail system and shrubbery. 12 solid hours I spent creating this world, only to never allow any of my friends over Xbox Live to view it out of fear that they would be filled with jealous rage and destroy it. However, it's not exactly as if my fears are unwarranted, as a tower I had created in a friend's world suffered a miserable fate after it was blown up, flooded and then set on fire, the footage of which can be viewed right here:

I wish I could say that my gaming menu for this weekend was filled with anything other than making castles, but it's not. I'll still be continuing with my quest to turn my city in the sky into a fully-fledged country, blissfully ignoring any responsibilities I may have in order to punch giant spiders in the face and go hunting for those coveted diamonds. Minecraft has turned me into a child again, only this time I can make forts using an Xbox controller rather than branches and bedsheets. Also, I'm not as incontinent.

joeyJoey Davidson (@JoeyDavidson): This weekend will be spent both in travel and away from home. Unfortunately for me, that means I'll be away from something that's eaten up literally all of my free time since it launched this past Tuesday.

I'm talking Diablo III; not playing it this weekend will absolutely suck. How the hell am I supposed to beat back the demon hordes away from my computer?

The good news, however, is that I've been working on Gravity Rush for the PS Vita. Unfortunately, I can't really talk about it until the embargo lifts. I'm playing it, though, and I can't wait to play it more.

alexAlex Keen (@dbldn): Huzzah! I finally finished Mass Effect 3. I had a blast during the entirety of my 30 hour experience. I am glad to have invested my time into the game and the ending wasn’t a letdown at all. The only annoyance was having to seek out the various endings I didn’t unlock on my own. Thankfully, there is YouTube.

I’ve been spending some quality time with Sonic 4: Episode Two recently. I missed the first Episode, but both games seem welcome to anyone who’s ever picked up a controller. I’m about 40% of the way through and the experience has been generally positive. I did get stuck in the middle of one level for 10-15 minutes, which was pretty frustrating in an old school sort of way. I’m not sure if there is more in store like this or it’s just an aberration.

There are a bunch of arcade games I am considering picking up this weekend if I can’t find a game in my backlog to play. I have been dreaming of playing Journey recently, but the $15 price tag has been hedging away. Is it really worth that much? Another option is picking up Trenched Iron Brigade for $5. I guess time will tell!

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