Dan Harmon Is No Longer The ‘Community’ Showrunner

David Guarascio and Moses Port are the new showrunners as big changes lie ahead for NBC's cult comedy series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

During the NBC upfronts earlier this week, NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt hinted that "Community" creator Dan Harmon would not be the showrunner going into season four while adding “I expect his voice to be part of it.” 

Late today, word broke that David Guarascio and Moses Port are the new showrunners of "Community," with Harmon's ongoing role with the series now described as "consulting producer." The reasons behind this action are not clear, but Greenblatt previously denied that it had anything to do with Harmon's recent feud with "Community" costar, Chevy Chase.

Guarascio and Port's previous credits include "Aliens in America" at The CW and "Happy Endings" at ABC.

What will happen to "Community" now that Harmon's role has been greatly diminished? Harmon may have only been credited on two scripts in the third season, but from almost all accounts, Harmon was the driving force behind the unique blend of comedy and insanity that made "Community" into a critically acclaimed series with a rabid and loyal fanbase. Those are big shoes for anyone to fill, on top of other challenges like moving the show to Fridays at 8:30pm between "Whitney" and "Grimm."

As for Dan Harmon, that's a man who is going to land on his feet. Harmon already has an animated pilot lined up at Adult Swim called "Rick & Morty," which follows the adventures of a genius and his "less than genius" grandson.

Beyond that, Harmon's live action TV slate should depend upon on how actively involved he is with the fourth season of "Community." If Harmon isn't on "Community" full time, then it wouldn't be surprising to see him either jump to another currently running sitcom. Or Harmon could start a developing a new TV show of his own.

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