Green Lantern Corps #9: Spinning Its Wheels

"The Alpha War" continues without any apparent war as John Stewart's transgressions haunt him.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Green Lantern Corps #9

Suppose they gave war, and nobody cared?

That seems to be the subtext to the latest Green Lantern post-New 52 shake up. Green Lantern Corps #9 announces that "The Alpha War" continues. Problem is, there is no war happening here. A war means that two sides are fighting, so a gaggle of Internal Affairs Lanterns who police the GLs coming after John Stewart isn’t a war.  In fact, it’s just a tedious time killer until the Guardians finally unleash their ultimate plot to replace the Green Lanterns altogether.

John Stewart killed a Green Lantern because he had to. Some know this, some don’t. The Alpha Lanterns, the GL answer to Internal Affairs, knows it and has decided to take Stewart in. Those out of the loop, including Guy Gardner, defend Stewart until the truth is revealed and a trial is set. Naturally at the end of the story, John Stewart is sentenced to death. Not only was this ending predictable, this is the same thing DC used when Stewart was forced to destroy Mogo. There is no “war” here. I guess calling it “John Stewart Gets Arrested” wasn’t sexy enough for DC.

By the end of Green Lantern Corps #9, nothing has happened. We’re no closer to knowing what the Guardians are up to, the John Stewart story arc has zero traction and the entire issue limps to a boring and easily seen conclusion. I suppose an argument can be made that the Guardians fired Hal Jordan, set up John Stewart and Sinestro and started tugging on Guy Gardner’s ear to split the strongest Corps members up before initiating their plan, but by this point, the whole series is so boring, so who cares?

Here’s the problem with the entire Green Lantern world right now. When the 52 change-up happened, the GL world proceeded as if nothing happened. The plot threads from the original universe came through to this new one. However, the new world had to be established before said threads could continue on into full story arcs.

We have wasted nine issues of the Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps with story arcs that are uninteresting instead of getting to this replacement of the Green Lanterns thing. After all of that down time, the Guardians story is dragging and the Lantern Universe is just spinning its wheels. Writer Peter J. Tomasi continues to script these issues like he’s just phoning it in. It’s the same lack of focus and commitment that Geoff Johns seems to be struggling with on Green Lantern. Perhaps there’s a greater logic to the creative direction here, but I don’t see it.

The art from Fernando Pasarin is acceptable but that’s about it. Pasarin’s panels feel rushed. The details on the human faces change every few pages and there’s not much detail to what’s going on. He also appreciates the far off shot of multiple characters way too much. The work in those panels is sketchwork at best; it doesn’t look like finished art. Green Lantern Corps #9 features no war, no plot development and nothing that would push a reader to buy the next issue.


2.5 art, 2.5 story