Setting You Up For Supercoach Round 9

Here are a few tips you'll want heading into Round 9 of AFL action.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

Round 9 of the AFL season if right around the corner and it’s about that time of the week where we need to have a good hard look at our squads.

Firstly, may I start with my White Whale Of The Week. Kevin Sheedy, you have frustrated owners with this rotation policy of younger players and it is obviously not in the best interests of our teams.

Last week Sheeds gave Dylan Shiel, Tomas Bugg and Devon Smith, among others, an extra week of recovery when they would have been more use fattening up on our benches. Regardless, I hope you haven’t traded them out as they still have money to make. Have a squizz.

  • Adam Kennedy:          $235,800 and a breakeven (BE) of 29. Only in 29.85% of teams.
  • Adam Treloar:             $266,000 BE -18 (juicy) 18% of teams, are you kidding me?
  • Devon Smith:              $269,200 BE -24 (juicer) 29% of teams. 111 and 77 in last two.
  • Dylan Shiel:                $308,200 BE 52. Highest score has only been an 84 and looks as if many owners have already cashed him out. Owned by
  • James McDonald:        $247,200 BE -12.
  • Jonathon Giles:           $420,900 BE 31. The mother cow.
  • Tim Mohr:                   $307,500 BE 53. Gettable breakeven so still some money to be made. Rested Round 9?
  • Tomas Bugg:               $335,600 BE 82. Already cashed him out.

The majority of those will still make you money. Also, Cameron Delaney and Orren Stephenson have already played their first three games, but are well under $200k and have the potential, and relative job security, to make money as second stage cash cows. You could have pocketed 200k by trading Bugg down to Delaney last week.

Sadly, if you’ve missed the boat on Gold Coast mature ager Kyal Horsley I really feel for you. In no time he’s shot up to $278,500 (4 games) and will see time due to the Swallow injury. He is averaging a cheeky 92 for you information.

Have a look at:

  • Patrick Dangerfield: He’s already jumped to $560,600 and has a breakeven of 50. One of the season’s more consistent players (highest score 174, lowest 91) and in bloody ripping form over the past month. This is your last chance if you want him.
  • Greg Broughton: In actual footy terms he hasn’t given Fremantle anything of what they miss from Nat Fyfe, but fantasy wise he’s been good. Under 500k and has produced 105, 85, 107 and 109 in last four.
  • Matthew Priddis: Crikey are the Eagles good and when Priddis returns (this week) he’ll get right back to where he was. Maybe not his best statistical season, have a look at him over next couple of weeks as his BE is at a ridiculous 194 and will fall below 500k.
  • Josh Kennedy: Fallen off ever so slightly in recent weeks but still a great midfield option. BE of 136 which isn’t beyond him, but price will likely fall lower.

Probably give a miss to:

  • Bryce Gibbs: I thought Brycey was the good but has he disappointed me thus far. Down to $440,800 with a BE of 142, his stocks will fall further.
  • Nick Dal Santo: If you don’t pick him up now at $481,900, don’t bother. He hasn’t impressed at all when receiving a close tag and is averaging just 103.5. Not to say he won’t improve, he will, but this is the right price to grab him at.
  • Scott Thompson: One of the inform players going around at the moment, his price ($633,400) will only increase. Averaging 128, Thompson is a jet and has already risen $35,000 with more to come.