The 7 Funniest Animals on Treadmills

Don’t get all worked up about these animals excising!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Let’s start at the beginning. All the way back to 1875 when Reginald Tread and Constantine Mills (probably) forged an alliance that would create the worlds ultimate cardiovascular machine.

However, the original creation of this device, much like the accidental invention of silly putty, super glue, or the filet of fish with cheese was not created with the intention that brought it to popularity.

In fact the original devices were made for ANIMALS!

And now nearly 150 years later, it has returned to the dogs, and cats… and maybe a ferret or two.

Some 5 years ago, another historical figure who’s name I could also make up, let’s call her Gertie McAlister began a trend, a trend of tread that has since risen to accumulate billions of views on the internet.

She was the first brave soul to upload a video of her cats and her treadmill, and the world has never looked back since then…


The Original Treadmill Kittens

(this is actually not the original – it's a copy, for some silly reason the original uploader prevented it from being embedded)


Since then both cats and their human counter parts have tried to figure out just what magic was behind treadmill videos. 


Cats Try to Understand Treadmill

Cat scientist have done numerous experiments


Shrimp Running On A Treadmill With The Benny Hill Theme

This one is a little science experiment all it’s own.


Just wont exercise..

Some cats aren’t nearly as amused by this awesome tech as others, and then again…


LG GD900 Turtle Treadmill

Some animals are just fooled by things that are just imitating treadmills!


Incredible Dogs Play Treadmill Fetch

Talk about multitasking, these dogs have taken the treadmill and more over their owner to become a powerful new ball launching mechanism to play the most awesomest game of fetch ever.


And finally the minute I thought up this list I thought to myself “Self, what would be the funniest animal to see on a treadmill” and after I decide a squid would just be odd, and probably instantly turned in to some kind of weird Japanese fetish porn I settled on this…


Fastest Ferret Ever

OMG seriously so much better than a squid on a tredmill, right?