The Funniest Ninjas on the Internet

Ninjas are everywhere, and they're damn funny!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Ninjas are nothing new to the internet, of course seeing them doing something funny is harder than seeing them in general. Look around, there are at least 23 ninja currently reading this over your shoulder.

They just hid, look again… see you’re not going to catch them, and in fact it wasn’t until 2008 that anyone could even prove ninja’s were on the internet, until Afro Ninja Happened.


Afro Ninja

Since then Many funny ninjas have emerged, a few pirates and a Viking or two. But screw those other costumed freaks, this is the a list of the funniest Ninja’s on the internets!


Ninja Sex Party – Brian the Ninja

The most talented of Ninja’s and accompanied by his own personal spandex wearing Jew, Brian the ninja forms half the Ninja Sex party duo.


Ask A Ninja

One of the most famous Ninjas created by the team of


Etiquette Ninjas

Ninjas come in all forms and sizes and they even have their own causes, such is the high moral code of the Etiquette Ninjas, who teach people not to douche out, one butthead at a time.


Ninja Squirrel

Squirrel Ninja! Remember folks ninja come in all shapes and sizes and even types of furr


Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy

Remember all good ninja’s drink juice!


And here’s video I directed a while back with more ninja’s than you can count!

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