Iron Man 3 Has Firepower (the Supervillain)

The power-armored baddie will be played by Ashley Hamilton, the co-star of 1993's Beethoven's 2nd.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Iron Man 3 has added yet another supervillain to the mix, following Ben Kingsley (whose character is still unconfirmed) and Coldblood, a rather obscure character to be played by The Lone Ranger's James Badge Dale. And this one's bringing the firepower. Or at least, we assume so, since "Firepower" is his name.

Variety reports that Ashley Hamilton is joining the cast of Shane Black's Iron Man sequel as Jack Taggert, aka Firepower, a power-armored character who, in the comics at least, worked for the United States government during the famous "Armor Wars" storyline, which found Tony Stark attacking organizations and companies developing competing power suits which he believed were based on his own stolen designs. This storyline has nothing directly to do with the "Extremis" mini-series from which Iron Man 3 is supposedly adapted, but the dramatic concept would be a strong one for a motion picture, forcing Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) to take responsibility for escalating the arms race and putting him in a great position to fight a bunch of equally armored foes.

Whether or not Iron Man 3 actually borrows any plot points from the stories in which Firepower was introduced, the decision to cast Ashley Hamilton is a notable one, and not just because the character was originally black. The son of George Hamilton, and stepson of Rod Stewart, doesn't have quite the resume Ben Kingsley can boast. He's best known for a brief run on the soap opera "Sunset Beach," marrying 1990's heartthrobs Angie Everhart and Shannon Doherty for less than a year a piece, competing in the ninth season of "Dancing with the Stars" and for being a correspondent on "Extra." 

CraveOnline will be back with more Iron Man 3 news after they cast Ian Ziering as Fin Fang Foom.