Cricket Captain Clarke Announces Retirement Target

Clarke discussed retirement and a Shane Warne comeback, and Pomersbach's legal crisis in India looks to be over.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke announced that he will not play beyond his mid-30s and instead will walk away from the game at the correct time.

Clarke considers himself "blessed" to have played cricket and by his recent marriage and envisions himself starting a family in the near future.

Clarke married his high school love secretly in India last week.

He has no intention of imitating a number of other legendary cricketers and Australian players by playing on until 40, one of which includes former captain Ricky Ponting.

"I am enjoying playing now but in time I won't be the guy playing at 38, 39, 40," Clarke said.

"I hope I can have my impact in a short space of time and then be finished. I would love to see the team have success, achieve what it can achieve."

Clarke told the AAP that while he is now better at handling media attention he would leave the side when he could no longer captain it, but the media scrutiny is not something he will ever get used to.

Clarke also talked about former great Shane Warne, saying the 42-year-old is still capable of Test cricket.

"Yes, I do believe if he wanted to continue to play – no doubt he's as fit and as strong as I have ever seen him – so he could certainly still be playing Test cricket," Clarke said.

Warne played his last Test match in 2007 but only retired from IPL cricket about a year ago and is surprisingly in better shape than his Australian playing days.

In other cricket news, Western Australian batsman Luke Pomersbach is close to returning home after being charged last week for assaulting an American woman in an Indian hotel. Pomersbach has been playing in the IPL for the Royal Challengers Bangalore and was granted bail after the incident.

Indian media outlets are claiming an out of court settlement has been arranged and that charges would be dropped.

Pomersbach is eager to get on with life after having already battled depressions and a close brush in with the law when he was almost sent to jail for assaulting a police officer and avoiding arrest.