7 Nerdy Kid Rap Videos

Rappin’ for extra credit. Ya feel me?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Kids rap the darndest things. Especially nerdy kids, who tend to rap about pro wrestling, stuff they learned in school and their inability to get a girlfriend. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered from watching these 7 nerdy kid rap videos. They might not be the next Eminems, but I bet MC Frontalot can always use a new opening act.


Krispy Kreme – “Haters Wanna Be Me”

If anyone needs a tree house recording studio, it’s this kid.


Nangstas – “We Nangstas”

What are you guys called again?


Raindrop vs. Mike Glambin – Rap Battle

Let me open up my locker… full of rhymes!


Scotty K.

He doesn’t like incest and he’s not a jabroni – noted.


Cells, Cells Baby

So Vanilla Ice was good for something after all.


Brendan and Drew – “Mixed Economy”

The one kid is really into that statue.


Krispy Kreme – “The Baddest”

The baddest? I will have to respectfully agree.


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