Exclusive Clip – Bad Ass: Birth of a Badass

Go behind the scenes of Danny Trejo's latest to find out how 'Epic Beard Man' got his own movie.

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"I told you I didn't want to fight. I f*cking told you."

Find out what makes Danny Trejo such a bad ass as you go behind the scenes of Bad Ass, a new motion picture based on the saga of YouTube sensation Epic Beard Man (NSFW). Machete Kills star Danny Trejo plays Vietnam veteran Frank Vega, who accidentally becomes a celebrity after beating up a pair of punks on the bus. Frank's journey finds him taking justice to the streets when the police fail to apprehend his best friend's murderer. Bad Ass also stars Charles S. Dutton (Rudy), Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and Joyful Drake (Phat Girlz).

In this exclusive clip from the Bad Ass DVD, available June 5, learn how Bad Ass began from simple internet origins, and how much punishment 68-year old Trejo can take on set.