Exclusive Clip – High School: Clever Names for Recreational Drugs

'The Shield's' Michael Chiklis rattles off some unthinkable drug terminology in this sneak preview of the stoner comedy, High School.

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"Banging down the stiff loosie…"

After seven seasons on the critically-acclaimed cop drama "The Shield," Michael Chiklis must be no stranger to drug terminology. He's putting all that experience to good use in this exclusive clip from High School, in which Chiklis waxes rhapsodic about the colorful expressions his students have invented to describe casual – and not so casual – drug use. The stoner comedy is about a high school valedictorian (Matt Bush) who finds out about a mandatory school drug test right after he took his first hit of pot. His solution, naturally, is to get the entire student body high.

High School, in theaters June 1, also stars Adrien Brody, Colin Hanks, Sean Marquette and Yeardley Smith.