Celtics Need To Toughen Up Quick

Kevin Garnett and Co. get laughed at following a soft game one and need to man up if they want any shot whatsoever against Miami.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

The Miami Heat's game one 93-78 win over the Boston Celtics wasn't anything that should set sports nation over the edge; because frankly, they were expected to win.

Favored by eight points heading into the game and featuring LeBron James and Dwyane Wade playing the best one-two ball of their careers, Boston really didn't come into the game having a huge shot to pull off the upset.

But while the Celtics losing seemed almost a foregone conclusion from pregame warmups, no one could have predicted how soft the team would look in the second half of play.

Soft. Weak. Old. Scared — use any of those words you like, but that is exactly what Boston looked like in game one. Whenever James or Wade drove to the basket, the Celtics were blown away like they were made of tissue paper. It actually got so bad that James laughed into the face of Kevin Garnett after Garnett started trash talking after LeBron made another easy layup.

That's right, James literally laughed in the face of Garnett and in doing so sent a very loud and very clear message that the Celtics hold no fear from him any more.

"A little bit, a little bit," Garnett grumbled when asked if the Heat had been "showboating" at the end of Game 1. "They're comfortable, and when you're comfortable, you do things like that."

And that's exactly the problem that was obvious in game one. The Miami Heat were comfortable because the Celtics did not do anything to make them feel otherwise.

Now while being more physical won't necessarily amount to a win for Boston, it will do a lot to restore the competitive balance that was lacking in game one, despite Boston being in it for the first half. They need to show that nothing is going to be easy for James and Wade and they need to start early in game two on Wednesday. This is a sentiment echoed by Boston's Rajon Rondo.

"Nothing dirty, but they have to hit the deck too." Rondo said after the game.

The facts are the facts, Boston isn't getting any younger and this team may be on it's last leg as a unit. But the thing is, age equals experience and proven pride, so the Celtics have at least a punchers chance at making this series interesting. All they have to do is take the first swing. Unless, of course, they are OK with James laughing in their face, which somehow I highly doubt.

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