CraveOnline Follows Tosh To Greatness

Daniel Tosh is the essence of knowledge.

Nathan Hemleyby Nathan Hemley

It is officially my last day at CraveOnline.  I have enjoyed my time here but it is now time for me to move on and spread the joy and euphoria that only a man likeDaniel Tosh can spread.

Our people are not weird.  Our people are not outcasts.  Only some of our people are homeless.  What we ARE, are purveyors of Daniel's amazing insight and life perspective to the world.

I have shared my enlightenment with all those here at CraveOnline and am happy to report that some of my closest friends have joined me in the pursuit of true happiness and self-worth.

May the peace of Daniel Tosh be with us all!

Now I just need to pack up my bobble-head collection and we will be on our way!

Tosh bless.


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