Baseball Legend Uses Twitter to Find Lost Dog

This former big league star went 'new school' to find his treasured animal.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Whoever said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Whoever coined that phrase must have never met Hall of Fame baseball player George Brett. Brett, who ended his 21 year career nearly 20 years ago, took to the twitterverse recently in a progressive attempt to find his lost Labradoodle, and actually succeeded!

Currently the Kansas City Royals team president, Brett has only been on twitter for a month, but has over 10,000 followers and put them all to good use when his dog Charlie wandered away from his Mission Hills, Mo. home Wednesday.

Using every bit of determination he's shown throughout his life and career, Brett used Twitter in every way imaginable to create a nationwide hunt for his dog.

*He tried the trending trick by hash-tagging #findcharlie.

*He went big in asking for help, tweeting Sports Illustrated's Peter King, ESPN's Buster Olney and the Kansas City Star's official Twitter account.

*He even offered an unspecified reward, tweeting 'undecided; finders choice'.

With such a barrage of social media, it wasn't long until Brett got rewarded for his efforts and ingenuity. Nine hours later he tweeted out a note of gratitude and victory.

“We got him! Thank you for all the support! It is so touching to see how many people care! You all were a big help! Thank you” Brett Tweeted.

Now, with his dog in hand and his faith in humanity still holding strong, there remains but one burning question yearning to be answered…

Of all dogs, why a Labradoodle, George?

I guess some questions will never be answered and we all must be left to our own devices to fill in the blanks, but the important thing is that man and his best friend are once again joined. This time, thanks to the modern thinking of a guy who was young before the internet existed and his thousands of followers.

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