Sol Republic Headphones Make Noise

Headphones are headphones unless we're talking about Sol Republic.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Having a full time job in web content and web video production puts me in a position to listen to quite a bit of sound through headphones.  Maybe not as important as my days producing live sound at concerts, but headphone sound is still a large part of my day.  The number of headphones I have shuffeled through is endless.  Everything from in-ear monitors from Shure to a wide array of selections from the Skullcandy family have been of constant use in my work at CraveOnline.  Then, along came Sol Republic.  I had the opportunity to try out both of their lines and I was pleasantly surprised. 

Lets start with the Sol Republic Tracks Headphones. They are you fairly standard "over-ear" headphones, but they pack more than a punch.  I tested them with the heights of Dub-Step music listening to Skrillex, all the way to mellow, high-dynamic sound acoustic rock with the likes of Jack Johnson.  Regardless of the music I had running through my iPhone, the Tracks Headphones gave me a live sound version for my music listening experience through nothing but headphones.  Gotta' love it.

Quickly I will touch on the Amps Headphones line that Sol Republic has to offer.  The Amps Headphones are in-ear headphones as opposed to the over-ear Tracks Headphones.  I recommend the Amps for everyday phone usage.  They are sleek and small and yet still carry the high-quality sound close to the level of the larger Tracks Headphones.  While both sets have listen-and-talk capabilities for your phone, the Amps are definitely a more convenient travel size.  But 100% if you want bad ass sound and ultimate comfort I would highly recommend giving the Tracks Headphones a go.  Best part, you can fully customize the Tracks Headphones since the headband, earphones and cables are all fully detachable and interchangable. 

At this time it's a sparse selection on colors for customization, but more colors are headed out to the masses in the near future.

For more specs and ordering info on all Sol Republic Headphones, be sure to visit the Sol Republic Web site.