Exclusive Trailer: Demoted

David Cross, Michael Vartan and Sean Astin star in a new comedy in the vein of Office Space.

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"You sent my mother a vibrator?"

"Just a little one."

Every office has a pariah… that one guy (or gal) who brings down the party and winds up being the brunt of every snide remark and practical joke. But what happens when they become the boss? That's what Michael Vartan ("Alias") and Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings) are about to find out in Demoted, a new comedy from American Pie 2 director J.B. Rogers that co-stars comedian David Cross as the punching bag who punches back when he becomes their new boss. Vartan and Astin get demoted, learn a valuable lesson about why everyone in the workplace is important, and get their revenge against Cross, who lets power go to his head.

Demoted will be released by Anchor Bay on DVD and Blu-ray June 12, 2012.