Joey Barton’s History of Violence

We run through the QPR footballer's most controversial moments.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

To many he is the living embodiment of everything that is wrong with the beautiful game; to others he is a legend for his ballsy attitude and bold opinions. But whichever side of the fence you sit on, the fact remains that Joey Barton gets a lot of people talking. 

With news circulating today that he has yet again been involved in a violent altercation, this time outside a nightclub in Liverpool, it's as good a time as any to run through the QPR man's history of violence throughout his career, starting with…


Barton Takes On Manchester City (and Loses)

Even on the final day of the Premier League Barton couldn't control his temper, as QPR's clash with Manchester City saw him assuming the role of pantomime villain once again after he attempted, as he later described in a tweet, "to take 1 of theirs with me". After receiving a red card in the crucial match which City would later win, Barton floored Aguero with a kick to the back of the leg before attempting to headbutt Kompany, a move which saw his ban being extended to 12-matches and his future at QPR left uncertain.


Barton Shows Torres His Penis

A nice bit of friendly (alleged) homophobia from Barton this time after an altercation between Barton and Lucas in Newcastle's 2-1 victory against Liverpool back in 2010 resulted in him (allegedly) calling Fernando Torres a "fucking poof" before grabbing his penis and inviting the striker to suck it. And to think they say that homophobes are just closeted homosexuals.


Barton Applies The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique to Pedersen

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In this clip we see Blackburn Rover's Morten Gamst Pedersen being reprimanded for having the gall to walk in the opposite direction of Joey Barton.


Barton is Jailed for Assault

Barton's anger isn't solely directed at his fellow footballers – back in 2008 he was jailed for assault after punching a man 20 times outside a McDonalds in Liverpool. The famed "Barton red mist" also appears to run in the family, as the clip above shows his female cousin throwing food at the floored man as Barton is happily punching him in the head.


Barton Tries Diaby's Patience

Some aren't so willing to put up with Barton, however, as proven by Arsenal's Diaby grabbing him by the neck in their match against Newcastle back in 2011. Diaby was sent off for his role in the confrontation, which ultimately allowed Newcastle to come back from trailing 4-0 to pull out a 4-4 draw. Barton later branded Diaby's man-handling of him as "stupid".


Barton Attempts To Circumcise Etuhu

And finally, former Sunderland player Dickson Etuhu nearly lost his dick, son after Barton made the decision to imprint his football studs into the midfielder's groin.

Photo: Telegraph