GIRLS 1.08 ‘Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too’

Hannah and Adam settle into coupledom while Marnie and Jessa engage in some female bonding.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: 'Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too'

Writers: Lena Dunham & Jenni Konner

Director: Jody Lee Lipes


It's official. Adam (Adam Driver) and Hannah (Lena Dunham) are boyfriend and girlfriend, and thus doing what newly minted couples do: have loud obnoxious sex for all roommates to hear. Still stinging from her run-in with Charlie and his new girlfriend, a sullen Marnie (Allison Williams) pours over Facebook photos of her ex on a trip with his new and not-at-all-uptight woman, while trying to ignore Hannah and Adam's bizarre sexual baby talk.

Adam takes Hannah to tech rehearsal for his play but there isn't a whole lot of "tech" to "rehearse" in the sparse production, which is basically Adam on stage talking about his penis and a sixth grade classmate. Hannah watches, enraptured in the performance until Adam's artistic differences with his partner cause him to quit the play and walk out.

Back at the apartment, Jessa (Jemima Kirke) drops by, now jobless and with her thighs on fire. With Hannah off with Adam, the two girls in need quickly fall into a bonding session, which leads to martinis at a swanky bar which leads to drinks at an over-worked businessman's high-rise apartment. When he starts to get touchy, Jessa decides it's time to leave, but Marnie, desperate to be anything but uptight, makes a Hail Mary pass at Jessa, leading to a lengthy make out session that their male companion wants to get in on.

Meanwhile, Hannah learns that Adam's piss poor treatment of her doesn't end now that she's elevated to girlfriend status when he surprises her with a golden shower, in the shower. Adam may be oblivious but he means well. In this case, he was hoping Hannah would see the humor in getting pissed on. Instead, she shrieks in horror. It's 'Psycho' with watersports.

Afterwards, the two sit around in adult-size onesies, talking about Adam's play. Adam wants nothing to do it with but some complimentary words from Hannah force a sudden change of heart. Adam is willing to suffer for his art and so will Hannah, it seems.

Back at the Brooklyn high-rise, 'Girls' reaches a new high for awkward and weird meltdowns when Marnie and Jessa's host freaks out over spilled wine on his ten-thousand dollar rug. This leads to an extended monologue about wanting to be "balls-deep in something, "working hard," Marnie's nose and Jessa's bowler hat. It's worthy of inclusion in Adam's play. The girls take their leave, Marnie sheepish and embarrassed and Jessa promising to perform sex acts on her in the street, to spite the defeated man.

Later that night, Adam wakes Hannah up to show her a wall of "sorry" posters he's plastered on a wall, as an apology to a driver he screamed at earlier that day. He also agrees to do the play so Hannah can watch it. Her heart melts at his attempt to apologize to a stranger through vandalism and the two rush home to have more disturbing sex.

It's an odd evening for all but not without realization. Hannah learns that Adam's a secret softy, Marnie is humbled when she meets a man who's somehow more uptight than she is and Jessa, well she continues to enable debauchery while making people miserable.

"Weirdos Need Girlfriends" might have leaned a bit too much on the shock value of golden showers and spontaneous meltdowns, but that didn't make it any less entertaining to watch. Though not as funny as previous installments, this episode found strange new ways to endear its characters to us, something this show continually excels at.