Worst of E3 – Day 1

The stuff from day one that made us want to pull out our hair.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


While day one of E3 2012 has plenty of great moments, it also had its fair share of terrible ones. You know, the ones that make you do a double take or scratch your head, wondering what the hell is going through these companies’ heads. Thankfully, things weren’t too awful on the first day of press conferences, but there were definitely some terrible moments that stuck out like a sore thumb. Let me point them out for you.

Usher and Flo Rida perform.

Look, I’m at E3 to see video games, not one-song concerts by pop superstars. But that’s what I got from both the Microsoft and Ubisoft press conferences, with performances by Usher and Flo Rida, respectively. Usher was at Microsoft’s presser to pimp Dance Central 3, while Flo Rida represented Ubisoft’s Just Dance 4. While I enjoy a good dance game from time to time, I honestly don’t need some pop sensations to tell/show me why that is.  The performances felt tacky and made me laugh instead of becoming interested in the products they were helping promote.

Give the “Better with Kinect” a rest…

I get it, Microsoft. You think everything is better when Kinect is involved. Sadly, that’s still not the case. Microsoft did their best to show off why Kinect is still an important peripheral during their press conference. But the truth is: every demonstration with Kinect fell flat. For example, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana’s appearance on stage to play Madden NFL 13 with Kinect voice controls felt hokey, unresponsive and unnecessary, reaffirming my stance to stick with traditional controls forever.  Way to go, Microsoft. Mission accomplished…

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