X-Men: First Class 2 – Days of Future Past?

An exciting new development hints that Matthew Vaughn's sequel will adapt one of the X-Men's most celebrated stories.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


The sequel to X-Men: First Class is officially on the way, with the cast and director Matthew Vaughn all expected to reteam for the sequel, which is due in theaters on July 18, 2014. That's all well and good, but what's X-Men: First Class 2 actually going to be about? What classic villain or story will the X-Men have to deal with on the big screen this time? Well, hang on to your butts, because it might be one of the greatest comic book stories of all time… The X-Cutioner's Song!

No wait, that was just silly. We mean Days of Future Past. 

Yes, Chris Claremont and John Byrne's iconic tale of a future in which mutants have been hunted to near-extinction could be en route if Ain't It Cool has it's facts straight. They're received word that 20th Century Fox has registered the title "Days of Future Past" with the MPAA, which would officially stake their claim on releasing an upcoming film with that same title. The original story found Kitty Pryde traveling back to the present (1981, when it was published) to prevent a disaster which would lead to the witch hunt that destroys her species. 

If true, Matthew Vaughn would have a lot of adapting on his hands. Kitty Pryde isn't a member of X-Men: First Class, having been most recently played by Ellen Page as a member of present (or vaguely future) team. She or technically any member of the previous X-Men movie franchise could make the journey back to First Class Land, in what would be a most exciting crossover, or Vaughn could introduce a new (read: existing) character in her place, like Bishop, whose time-traveling origins always felt like a bit of a Days of Future Past rip-off to us anyway.

Alternate timeline X-Men stories have always been a big draw to fans of the comics – Age of Apocalypse remains one of the best superhero crossovers ever, in our opinion – but introducing them to the movie universe could have another calculated benefit to the First Class franchise. Vaughn could conceivably be going the Star Trek route, freeing his prequel series from existing continuity by altering its timeline. To put it another way, if this rumor is true, there's a chance that X-Men: The Last Stand could be retconned out of continuity, and possibly X-Men Origins: Wolverine along with it. And wouldn't that be a victory for fans everywhere?

Take it with a grain of salt. A grain of hopeful salt.

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