Marvel Decides on Captain America 2 Director(s)

Anthony and Joe Russo, the executive producers of NBC's 'Community,' are the studio's top choice to helm the superhero sequel.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Marvel Studios has made an… "interesting" to choice for the director of Captain America 2. And not just because they've chosen two of them. After narrowing the field down to Adjustment Bureau director George Nolfi and The Italian Job director F. Gary Gray (who appears to have left the running to focus on his N.W.A. biopic), The House of Hulk has decided to offer the job to Anthony and Joe Russo, two comedy directors best known for their work executive producing the hit sitcom 'Community.' If you doubt their feature film chops, don't worry… they also did You, Me and Dupree.

"Ow! My little Duprees!"

The decision by Marvel Studios, confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, to offer one of the most anticipated action movies on the horizon to a directing duo best known for comedy is strange, but in keeping with the company's left field decisions for most of their projects. Though beloved by his fans, Joss Whedon was best known as a talented writer who can't keep a TV show on the air before The Avengers came out, and Shane Black, despite writing the action classic Lethal Weapon, had never directed a box office hit before getting assigned to the upcoming Iron Man 3. The other sequel Marvel is working on right now, Thor 2, is being helmed by Alan Taylor, a prolific TV director (his credits include "Homicide: Life on the Streets," "Sex and the City" and "Game of Thrones") without a single financially successful feature film to his credit.

After the mammoth success of The Avengers, of course, it's hard to to assume Marvel Studios knows what it's doing.

CraveOnline will be back with more Captain America 2 news after we finally sit down and watch this 'Community' thing everyone's talking about.