Jamie Foxx IS the President of the United States

Foxx will play a fictional president fighting off terrorists in Roland Emmerich's White House Down.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


It's a common trend in movies that fictional movie presidents resemble, often very closely, the actual sitting president at the time of production. The rationale is simple, since it's easier to suspend disbelief and, if the movie is in any way topical, it's also easier to project the real thing onto the screen, whether the movie president is portrayed as a hero, a bad guy or anything in between. So it makes a lot of sense that Jamie Foxx has been offered the role as President of the United States in Roland Emmerich's action thriller White House Down, since if you think about it, he'd be a pretty good choice to play Barack Obama wouldn't he?

Deadline reports that Foxx, who will be seen later this year in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, has been offered the important role in White House Down, a screenplay by James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man) which finds terrorists taking over the White House. Think Air Force One, but in a house this time. Channing Tatum has also signed on to play a Secret Service agent who, we imagine, doesn't take kindly to the uninvited guests.

Curiously enough, in yet another Dante's Peak/Volcano situation, Deadline also reports that Millennium Entertainment – the company responsible for action films like The Expendables 2 and Drive Angry – has a rival "terrorists take over the White House" project in the works called… are you ready for this? White House Taken. Wow. That's a really, really bad title. It sounds like an Asylum mockbuster version of White House Down. That said, White House Taken has some impressive talent involved, including Gerard Butler and Training Day director Antoine Fuqua. If Butler's playing the president, we guess that means Millennium is banking on Mitt Romney to take the election later this year.

CraveOnline will be back with more White House Down news after we mow the White House Lawn.