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Get your video Kabooms on.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

From exploding “hot chicks” to the hottest failing chicks, it’s girls night here on the funny pages. We’ve got all the videos from the funniest websites on the internet. So chalk up your pool cue cause it’s time to hit some balls! Wait, that sounds like it’s time to fap, doesn’t it?


Dailymotion  – Wreck-It Ralph – International Trailer #1 (link)

I usually try to avoid listing trailers in here, but damn it this looks fantastic.


Break  – Girl Shuffling Dance Fail (link)

Thre’s always time for some hot fail. Girl, you’re a hot mess or failing fantasies!


Podpocalypse – I'm you From the Future… of Dumpsville (link)

Who doesn’t love time travelers?! This guy, who happens to also be me. So there’s that. Enjoy.


College Humor – Hardcore Casual Gaming Rap (link)

Ah, more white boy raps about white people problem. Sweet! I need a noweigian death metal song about Tetris bitch!


UCB Comedy – The Tony Awards Has Famous People (link)

You should watch the Tony awards, cause it’s got lots of people you’ve probably heard of… same reason you should go to a family gathering!


Funny Or Die – Ultimate Gamer: Diablo III with Kaley Cuoco (link)

Self proclaimed hot girl, and gamer girl Kaley Cuoco, proves something about something. Oh and Diablo III is there, so that video sells itself, cause this chick couldn’t sell me on a Philly cheesesteak after being stranded in a desert for a week.

Pretty much the most obnoxious thing ever.


Here’s hoping more people explode.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and ka to the boom.


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