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Want to be funnier? Here’s a website you have to visit (beyond ours)!

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

 I know what you’re thinking: An article called “Useful Tools” is probably about that guy who you know at the bar who keeps buying rounds of drinks but you can’t stand him. I mean he’s trying, and that’s cool, but he’s just terrible at being a person. Still… free beer right? Also he took you and your buddies out to his boat that time, and that was cool, but man you just can’t bring women around this dude.  No. Not that kind of “Useful Tool”.

This series of articles highlights websites and resources that are useful for crafting comedy. This may be the comedy you plan to perform on stage, or just “punching up” your facebook and twitter feeds. Regardless, these are tools you want in your comedy toolbox, you know… along with all the whoopie cushions and clown noses.


If you haven’t been visiting you’ve probably been putting your foot in your mouth online and you didn’t even know it. Did you repost the link warning facebook was going to sell your images to 3rd party websites? Oops.What about those pictures of the Easter Island Heads having bodies? Or those giant skeletons people keep digging up? Well the only consistent place to find out what’s true and what’s not is Snopes.


Is this real? Snopes will know. Also… AHHHHHH! 


Why is this important to comedy? Because your audience weighs its reactions to your jokes based on what it knows to be true and not true. Make a joke about a crazy story circulating and if the audience already knows it to be false, they won’t care about your punchline. It’s no different than keeping your jokes current to technology or pop culture. If you’re going to be a current events comedians, or more probably make current events jokes on twitter, you have to know what is and is not an actual story.

Of course you might think the usefulness of Snopes ends after current event stories, but that’s not true. Even stories about the more famous urban legends are useful for a comedian. The classic urban legends are globally known, and even if they aren’t true, people still believe them or at least know of them.  Do a joke about Bloody Mary, or those supposed young gang members that kill anyone who flash their brights at them. These are part of our common world view, and can be reasearched on


Look into mirror. Order this 5 times. 

So bring your comedy up to the next level with this little research tool. is the key to avoiding embarasment as one of the beliving masses of the latest cultural falicy. It’s also the tool you need to make fun of it.

What’s your best “Bloody Mary” joke?

What’s your favorite urban legand?

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