Letterman’s TopTen Other Superhero Revelations

The Late Show with David Letterman sports a Top Ten List inspired by the newly gay Green Lantern.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Late Show with David Letterman

Superheroes are in the mainstream now in a big way, thanks to The Avengers being the biggest movie ever and Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy being an astronomical success as well. Still, it's a bit of a surprise when names that aren't so household yet, such as Dr. Strange, show up in a mainstream show like The Late Show with David Letterman. Last night, inspired by the recent revelation that DC's Earth 2 Green Lantern is gay, the obviously-nerdier-than-Dave writers put together a Top Ten list of Other Superhero Revelations.

Dave starts off by explaining why he doesn't quite grasp what's so cool about superheroes, and it's obvious he's more interested in the in-jokes with the audience – including getting two guys with stripey shirts to swap tops in the middle of the list, just to be dopey. Still, it's a nicely nerdy entry into late night entertainment.


Check out The Late Show's Top Ten Other Superhero Revelations from last night's show.