Podcast Review: Weird Medicine

Ever have a skin-eating virus? We review a new podcast to give you some answers!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Weird Medicine with Dr. Steve is the perfect podcast for anyone interested in the genuine oddity that is the human body and why it does what it does. Each week, podcaster Dr. Steve (yes, an actual doctor) and his gang of cohorts field questions from callers and email to try and do their best to diagnose just what the hell is wrong with them. Imagine House, but less witty and a lot more realistic. You may have heard the radio show before on SirusXM’s Opie and Anthony channel, but not it’s available free every week on iTunes. The podcast covers everything weird from anal fissures to sleep apnea to flesh-eating viruses. Not only is it funny, but you learn while you listen!

Have yourself a little listen:

Who is this podcast for? It’s for people that dig science and the occasional dick joke. Anyone with a slight interest in the human body and how it works would defiantly be entertained by the subject matter, as well as the comic sensibilities of the cast. Oh, and did we mention it’s uncensored? There’s something so fun about hearing a doctor say “cock” while talking about gonorrhea.

Who is this podcast not for? People who hear anything about illness and suspect that they too are infected. Also known as hypochondriacs. AND anyone without a strong stomach. Topics tend to get graphic.

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