Wearing Inappropriate Attire: Will Forte on That’s My Boy

The comedian describes the joys of working with 'SNL' cast members and teases 'Honey I Shrunk the MacGruber.'

Fred Topelby Fred Topel


Last week we got the scoop on the MacGruber 2 plans from Will Forte. It went over so well with Forte that we got a chance for a private phone call before he left the country for work. This week Forte stars in That’s My Boy with Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg. He plays Phil, who’s going to be the best man at Todd (Samberg)’s wedding, until Todd’s estranged father (Sandler) comes back. Phil’s wife is played by “SNL” alum Rachel Dratch. While on the phone, Forte was concerned we could hear the water pouring in the background. He assured us, “By the way, I’m not peeing. I’m filling up a Brita filter right now. But I’m filling up a Brita filter with pee.” We also got a chance to spitball MacGruber 2 ideas to go even further than the previous news reports.


Crave Online: What is it like when different generations of “SNL” get together?

Will Forte: It is really, really fun. Even when you didn’t go through “SNL” with a particular person, you still have such a shared experience that you feel like you know them. You feel like you’re family with them. That’s what the feeling was like on That’s My Boy. Sandler is such an amazing and loyal person it really felt like he was our big brother looking out for us. It was really a fun summer. I just went up and did a part in Grown Ups 2, a bunch of current and former “SNL” cast members came up and did this really fun part. We just did a day on that movie but it was really, really fun. I got to hang around with them all day and shoot the sh*t. It’s almost not really working. It’s having fun.


Is that cameo even crazier than Phil in That’s My Boy?

Crazy is relative. It might be a little crazier. It’s a wild character. It’s a bunch of us together. I don’t want to give any spoilers but we’re wearing inappropriate attire and it gets pretty wild. It was a really amazingly fun day.


Did your time on “SNL” overlap with Rachel Dratch?

Yes, I was there for about four years with her and she was my neighbor. She moved on my block so we started our own little breakfast club.


Is playing a supporting role like Phil in some ways preferable to carrying the movie? Or is it important to do both?

Well, it was so fun to get to do this role. It’s very fun in a different way to be the main person in a movie but it also is, yeah, a little more stressful. Getting to do a movie like this where Adam [Sandler] is the focus and Adam and Andy [Samberg] both are the focus, but it’s very stress free and nothing but fun. It truly was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had working.


Have you ever been a best man at a wedding?

I’ve never been a best man but I’ve been in a bunch of wedding parties.


Any crazy wedding stories?

None where I was in the wedding party. In college, I went to my cousin’s wedding and drank a little bit too much of the open bar and my two female cousins had to carry me out at the end of the night. I had a lot of people the next morning who were so completely supportive and said, “It’s all right. Don’t worry about it. We’ve all gotten drunk like that before.” So that was a very supportive family of a not so proud moment in my life.


I know you’re being cautious about getting hopes up for MacGruber 2 but haven’t crazier things happened? The Serenity movie, “Family Guy” coming back from cancellation…

I feel weird. I wasn’t prepared to answer anything about MacGruber 2 when I was talking to everybody on Saturday. We love the movie and I guess the best way to put it is the probability of us writing a MacGruber 2 script in the next six months is 100%. The probability of somebody giving us money to make that script is somewhat less than 100%. We would do it if someone were to let us do it. We have nothing but wonderful memories and we’re super proud of the movie. We will find a way to make a MacGruber 2. It might be very low scale. We will definitely write a MacGruber 2 if only just to have fun. Like people who are into sports will go out and play pickup basketball. Comedy nerds will go write scripts.


Where will you stick the celery in the sequel?

Right in the penis hole. It’s going to be a bigger piece of celery in a smaller hole.


If you’re thinking about the Die Hard model, they’ve already done Die Hard on a boat, on a plane, on a train. Where else could MacGruber fight terrorists?

I think it would have to involve space I would think, the final frontier. Or a parallel universe, some kind of molecular level MacGruber. Honey I Shrunk the MacGruber type thing. I don't know. I always had this idea, I don't think it would ever work, of mixing together the action template but then using a completely different type of template, for instance the old switcheroo movies where they switch bodies with somebody else. Just a mixing of genres. I don't think that’s what we’d do. Certainly we loved the movie so much, we’re going to think about every possible scenario and most likely it will just be a 100% action sequel that is written and not produced.


Well, the Die Hard model makes sense.

Oh yeah, Die Hard was obviously a big influence but there were so many other movie influences that we drew from. Uncommon Valor was a big one.


Right, if the first one was more the Rambo model, doing the Die Hard model would make sense for the sequel.

Yes, I don't know, gosh. Okay, you’ve got to write down a bunch of ideas for us and send them our way. We actually have some ideas written down already and a couple of scenes but we’ve got to figure out exactly what we’re going to do. We’re definitely going to write it. It’s just a matter of if anybody would ever let us make it.


Do you have more of a dramatic role in Nebraska?

I don't know what’s going on with that. I am a huge Alexander Payne fan and if that thing were to ever actually happen, it would be a dream come true. I don't know what’s going on with that.


Did you do a new pilot also, “Rebounding?”

I did do a pilot. It was for Fox, they passed on it. We thought it turned out really well and we thought they thought that too because that’s what they were saying. Apparently sometimes you say stuff and decide to go the other way on it.


What are you shooting abroad?

I’m going to do this movie in Ireland called Run and Jump.


What do you get to play?

I am playing an American medical researcher.


Is it a comedy?

No, it’s a drama.


So you are doing dramatic work.

Yeah, I guess. I guess so! It’s going to be really fun.