Joseph Fiennes In Talks To Join ‘American Horror Story’ Season 2

The Shakespeare in Love star may be the final regular cast member of the new season.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

When "American Horror Story" season 2 kicks off this fall and shifts the action away from the Harmon murder house to an institute for the criminally insane, Jessica Lange's character may not be in charge of the inmates after all.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Joseph Fiennes is negotiations to join the cast of "American Horror Story" as the head of the institution where Lange's character works. The news item also hints that Lange's character harbors an attraction for Fiennes' character, who is also described as "tortured."

If Fiennes joins the cast, this won't be his first stint on TV. He previously starred in the ABC series, "FlashForward" and the Starz original series, "Camelot." However, Fiennes is best known for his feature films, including Shakespeare in Love , Stealing Beauty, Elizabeth, Enemy at the Gates and Luther among several others.

For "American Horror Story" season 2, Adam Levine has previously signed on to play one half of a couple described as "The Lovers" alongside actress Tiasia Jacobs. French actress Lizzie Brocheré will play a rival of Lange's character who is described as "a fierce, ferocious, extremely sexual, and dangerous wild-child sexpot" while James Cromwell will portray Dr. Arden, a colleague at the institution who often bumps heads with Lange's character.

Zachary Quinto, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe are also slated to return to the series in unspecified roles, with Chloë Sevigny also joining the cast as a woman who was institutionalized by her husband over her sexual addiction.

"American Horror Story" will return to FX this fall.