Sci-Fi Guns We Should Have By Now

There is no reason we should not have this kind to technology!!!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

There is no denying that one of the coolest staples in sci-fi is the futuristic weaponry. Yes, we know guns are bad… blah, blah, blah – but if science fiction has taught us anything, it’s that guns in the future only exist to help better mankind (or in most cases, help the protagonist escape the death pod before he/she becomes a mind-slave of Lord Garzaxxx). We here at CRAVE think it’s time that someone gets crackin’ on making these handheld bundles of destruction a reality.

Here’s a short list of sci-fi weapons we’d like to see become real:


M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens

Your best friend for cutting alien hordes in half. So easy, even Bill Paxton can use it. Game over. This standard issue Colonial Marine machine gun features a digital magazine readout AND a grenade launcher for conveniently destroying any Queen Alien Hives. AMERICA!


LAPD 2019 Blaster from Blade Runner

Looking to get into futuristic law enforcement? This double-trigger baby has got you covered. Looks great in a holster and is effective for scaring away Sean Young.


Type 3 Phaser Rifle fromStar Trek

Created as part of military arms escalation for dealing with those pesky Romulans, this shoulder-stock phaser rifle packs a lot more punch than your regular type 2 handheld phaser. Later versions would allow energy-beam modification in order to take down a few Borg.


The “Noisy Cricket” from Men in Black

Despite the fact that this weapon is overwhelmingly nineties, this small side-arm can easily level part of a city block if need be. Please see the hallmark scene where actor Will Smith is given this weapon and is disappointed because of it’s size, which is funny because he’s all big’n’tough, so he’s like “what!?!” – kill us now.


Gonzca GA from Total Recall

The beauty of this weapon is that it works on both Earth and Mars. It’s sleek look and effective stopping-power is perfect for anyone who enjoys interplanetary espionage or pronouncing “mars” as “Mahhzzs.”


Blaster from Star Wars

Favored by smugglers and Jedi alike, this blaster is perfect for quick laser-firing action and shooting the arms of the Sarlac beast while half-blind. Does anyone else find it a little odd that in universe of intergalactic travel the handle of a gun is made of wood?


211-V Plasma Cutter from Dead Space

This horrendously awesome “tool for construction uses only” is the ideal weapon for cutting the dismembering cannibalistic alien monsters at a fever pace. Who doesn’t enjoy surgery in the dark?


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