Useful Tools #2 –

Yo Dawg, I heard you like tools. So we put tools in your tools!

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

I know what you’re thinking: Useful Tools? Is this an article about that guy at work that’s way too much of a stickler for the rules and he’s no fun to hang out with but you can bait him into doing extra work or staying late because he’s a team player? No. Not that kind of “useful tool”. This is the second in Crave’s continuing series of websites and web resources that help you make better funny. So if you’re a comedian, or just funny on the Twitter-box, here’s another place to look for good info.

Today’s tool is a BONUS because it also tends to be pretty entertaining. is a website dedicated to cataloging and tracking the image styles, catch phrases, and running gags that are collectivly called “memes”.

Every heard of Scumbag Steve?  What about Nyan Cat? Troll Face? Pedo Bear? Or memes like this:


Don't know why this is funny? This is the site for you! 

 Well this is where you go to find out what they hell they mean (or originally meant) and where they came from. Who is Boxxy? They know. Where did “Philosoraptor” come from? They know that too. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Go there NOW! also has a very funny video series that goes in depth into some of the more popular memes. Lets look at an example:


These memes, which could be video, audio, image, or catch phrase (You mad?) used to spend most of their time on the internet’s deeper social networking sites and boards like 4Chan and 9Gag. Now they’re breaking out into the public consciousness, and even being reported on major news outlets (one Salt Lake City TV station reported on the moral panic of the “Pedo Bear”) and of course tossed around on Facebook. Memes are everywhere, and your standup and online presence is going to have to start working with them, or at the very least acknowledging them. Trust me, you don’t want to tweet “What does DERP mean?” it will not go well for you.  DERP.

Now I’m not telling you to learn a whole new language, let alone one made up mostly by people surfing the web in their parents’ basement, but if you can deliver a memetic joke to a younger audience they will respond. It may not be the joke to drop at the Elk’s Lodge, but for the young pseudo-hipsters in the bar this is gold, and it’s gold that will take your stage jokes and make them ONLINE jokes. That can be big.

Here’s an example: Take a joke that ends “And I honestly couldn’t give a F@*K!” and change it to the more memetic “and not a single F@*k! was given that day!” and suddenly you hit harder, faster, and fresher than before. The internet is changing launguage, change your jokes with it.


 I’d love to join you guys in this brave new world of comedy, I used to enjoy Stand-Up a lot. But then I got an arrow in the knee.

Have you ever seen a meme and didn’t know why it was supposed to be funny?

What’s your favorite Meme?

Leave your responses in the comment section below. Keep it tuned to for all the funny you Crave as well as more tools to help generate that funny internally and then spit it out of your mouth and passers by from a comedy stage.

– Sax

PS: Stay tuned to for a special addition of our podcast; This is Really Happening that examines the best and the worst of interent memes. 

PPS: An upcoming aritcle will feature the funniest of the videos from the site. That's right, we heard you like memes… ah… nevermind…