Showtime Confirms The End of ‘Weeds’

Nancy Botwin's days are numbered in the eighth and final season of "Weeds."

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

At the conclusion of the seventh season of "Weeds," Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) and her occasionally estranged circle of family and friends came under the crosshairs of an unseen shooter. And regardless of how that cliffhanger is resolved, the Botwin family's time is running out.

Over at Entertainment Weekly, Showtime Entertainment President David Nevins confirmed that "Weeds" will wrap up its run at the end of its upcoming eighth season.

“There were two shows, 'Weeds' and 'Dexter,' that really got Showtime taken seriously for cutting-edge original programming,” said Nevins. “How they get brought home is really important. In this case, both for the sake of the two women behind the show [series creator Jenji Kohan and Parker] and an audience that’s really invested in the show. TV fans love nothing better than to complain about how shows end and we really want to end this one the right way.”

Kohan added “I’m so proud of what we do here and that it’s about a strong woman lead who’s really flawed. We get to do comedy right up against drama, which a lot of shows don’t get the opportunity to do.”

The end of "Weeds" was expected after both Justin Kirk and Kevin Nealon made one year deals to return to the show before landing on different broadcast pilots during development season. Even Kohan has started to move on by creating a new series for Netflix called "Orange Is The New Black."

"Weeds" will kick off its eighth and final season on Sunday, July 1 on Showtime.